Yoga for the Soul

Over the past several years yoga took a hold on my life in many meaningful ways… I first began yoga as an activity to transition out of being an athlete but to remain pretty active (I loved the stretchy part and of course, shavasana, who doesn’t?) so it was the best lazy sport I could find to do my freshman year of college!

Little did I know, all these years later, I would still practice regularly.   Yoga is a way for me to combat stress, deal with issues without allowing them to bring me down, and remind myself to love thyself first and foremost.  I’m a sucker for getting distracted by life and often forgetting about my goals.  But when I remember to love myself, I come back to my goals.


Rachel Brathen took her sensation with yoga to the pages in Yoga Girl detailing her life and how the practice of yoga helped navigate her life’s journey.

Yoga Girl

It’s a captivating and inspiring read that touched on relatable ups and downs (for girl’s in their twenties) and offers a fresh perspective.  I admire her work and her decision to move to Costa Rica on a whim to delve into her inner journey.

I want to someday travel to Costa Rica for a retreat to practice yoga on the beach and surf. Until then I’ll take all my moments in California for what they’re worth!

Christie and I, headstands.

Fourth of July 

Corey holding his new baby sister ❤

I entered the world already one of the luckiest girls in the world.  I was born into a family with a big brother to look after me. What’s rad about this guy is that Corey took the “big brother role” and went above and beyond with my sisters, cousins, and me.  Since I was his “first” little minion he took care of, he’s always been that special person to me.

Corey and I at the World Series 2010.

Corey bought me my first cell phone, and would pick me up from school with all his “cool and cute friends” (an all girls high school) naturally making me a super cool kid beyond my times.  I wanted to go everywhere with this dude and pretty much follow him out into the world….

Corey and I in Cambodia.

I drove home from college one school night on a whim to head to the World Series with him in 2010.  That summer my little sister, McCarthy, and I followed him around (literally followed because he walks so fast) 8 countries in SouthEast Asia.

So the Fourth of July for me has always been about my big brother and while we were kids, I never missed his birthday.  Now as adults he prefers to travel the world at this time of the year; currently, in Costa Rica – go figure, the next desirable destination abroad I want to travel to!!

Corey and I summer of 2014 in Tahoe ~ one of our favorite locations!

So here’s to you Bro Bro!! My big brother that kills it in his career, enjoys life like it’s his job, and one of the raddest dudes I know…I love you!

Living the Dream in San Francisco

Well, I took a plunge, I moved most of my life out of my apartment in the Haight, and into my car.

Go with me here, I really did this so I could crystalize some new dreams… build an against the odds sort of mentality that I will find, that sweet apartment just for me.

Yeah, I know, really odd that I moved some of my belongings into my car to gain this mentality – yes – but in fact, I’m actually kind of just going between my parent’s homes in San Jose and my apartment/family’s home in San Francisco to juggle my two part-time jobs for the summer.

So not technically, “homeless”…but basically.

Let’s say, I’ll be “backpacking” of sorts (with my car as my backpack), not physically carrying around a huge backpack, where I pull out a little bit of resources when I “set up camp”… but my resources will be stored in my car, and I will bring out my Burton tote with my work supplies, toiletries, and outfit for the next work day when I go to a house to crash.  So kinda similar? Maybe not… but during this summer while I juggle the two jobs, I’ll spend plenty of time with my family and friends around the Bay Area – yay!!

So as I find a new approach to combat the housing crisis, in my hunt for a new ideal living space, I’ll smell the roses and catch up with some good ol’ friends and the fam bam.

Goodbye beautiful, adorable, cute, little apartment in the Haight! My inner hippie/wish I was alive in the 60’s/thrift store&shopping addict will deeply miss you.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 7.06.18 PM

TopShelf Style in the Cloud

This week The Wall Street Journal is currently giving recognition to those small businesses using cloud based technology softwares.  My love/obsession for fashion has translated into work with TopShelf Style, an urban edgy look meets trendy boho styles, with local San Francisco vintage jewelry.

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 12.37.35 PM

Christina Battle, the owner, hand picks the pieces, buying only small quantities of each look from a variety of vendors throughout Los Angeles.  This kind of styling is a rarity to San Francisco’s fashion boutiques.  Many boutiques purchase styles in large quantities, or styles from many different vendors, it takes work from a sales associate or customer to hand pick a certain look.  Here, all the items are pulled together to mix and match and create that urban edgy trend, with those occasional boho festival moments throughout the year.

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 12.34.03 PM

The Wall Street Journal gave a shout out to TopShelf Style utilizing the cloud to run the business.  The Wall Street Journal cites that an increasing number of small businesses are moving towards the cloud to store their data, but still many are hesitant of the technology work because there is a lack in dedicated technology team members within various small businesses.


Luckily, we are not one of those businesses.  We rock in terms of utilizing the cloud.  Currently focused on expanding TopShelf’s online store this year, and insta sales via TopShelf Style’s Instagram to hit the “On Demand” market of this generation’s fashion culture.

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Check out The Wall Street Journal article.

TopShelf Style

Family Matters

Over the twenty five years of my life there is one thing I have been able to consistently depend on; and that is that step by step, no matter what, my siblings and my cousins have been there.  I believe that the best part of life is the consistency in which one receives love and admiration from those closest to them… that your life, as cliche as this sounds, can bring inspiration and happiness to those around you, and you witness this unfold.

The bunch of weirdos I call my best friends and family – do just that.

My big brother and cousins <3

My big brother and cousins ❤

Time flies, and we’re all growing up in our own directions and manage to spend a great deal of time with one another.  And I mean some quality time – we chill together, travel together, work together, go to music festivals,  snowboard/cycle together, drink together, and most importantly we all share common goals and dreams together.


My little sister, big bro bro, & I in Hong Kong; Russian vodka bar…mmm


I kill it with these kids around me (which I’m sure we will always act like a bunch of kids when we get together) – & they are my team. I attribute aspects of my whimsical and carefree personality are largely shaped by the influence from my family.


My cousin Hannah – mini me #majorweirdo


I know life is short, don’t sweat the small stuff, laugh at everything, make it all matter, and be kind… I def wouldn’t be the thoughtful and kind person I am today without these many kids to grow up with and figure out how to be that way.  They keep me grounded, push me, and support me,


Cassie… the one I can tell everything to.



Connor and I at Outside Lands 2014 – we go on some wild adventures ❤


And after this holiday season I reflected how rich I really am – love.


Lovely sisters loving cousins


With this blog I just write to thank my greatest sources of inspiration, admiration, and drive – the lovely Bray/Mazolewski bunch.

Riders on the Storm

I just arrived back into San Francisco after a two day shred session in Northern California’s Lake Tahoe.  My two roommates and I made the trek on Sunday night safely through a small storm – arrived in King’s Beach and met up with old friends.  Monday morning we awoke late (due to having too much fun with friends, new and old, the night before) to incredibly poor visibility from the storm.  As the local’s say, “it was dumping” and this was great!  For some, this is a nerve racking scenario; one might need chains, the freeways are closed, you can’t see anything, etc.  But for my friend we stayed with and myself this is the ideal time to shred.  He introduced me to as many locals as possible once we were up on the mountain, which ensured I’d progress.



My friend has been a local in Lake Tahoe for over five years and knows the ins and outs of the mountain and community/culture within this small snowboarding network.  I was incredibly thrilled he invited me up to the mountain for this storm so I could improve in my riding.  I’m a city girl and well aware of the fact that there is a bit of cultural snubbing from the locals when you’re on the mountain.  It’s nothing in comparison to turf fighting that happens in surfing; but I still prefer to only ride with well known locals.

So, a group of about eight guys and myself rode through trees making quick and technical movements, carved through tight trails, and flew off a few boulders (cliff jumps) to catch some 6-10 feet of air.  I was beyond satisfied with what seemed like the shortest two days of my life.  I didn’t have the opportunity to ride my board last season, and since this sport has been a vital aspect of my identity since I was a little girl, I’d been dying to get out and shred.

The locals we rode with were some of the nicest, down to earth, gnarly riders I’ve ever met.  A great riding crew pushes you to preform to your best.  You’ll always improve your technique, learn new tricks, and understand the sport better when you have the chance to ride with a dope crew.  I love this type of support and the best aspect is all the fun everyone has, by the end of the day, is it’s savored over beers nestled in a beautiful snowy mountain town.


The neon pink jacket is a crucial part of my gear; I can be easily spotted in blizzard visibility or if I’m separated from the crew – but also it just says, “look at me, I’m a girl and I can kill it!” I love hitting sharp tree turns, steep carving sessions, and jumps all along the mountain to show how much air I can fly through. Riding through a storm is a heaven on earth experience for me.

“Nice is Just a Place in France”

While taking a few sick days with my good ol pal, Biggie Smalls (literally, my black lab/pit bull’s name is Biggie Smalls) I read a book I stumbled across surfing some fashion sites.  “Nice is Just a Place in France”, written by The Beetches, from offered a quick and easy read that was seriously one of the most enjoyable I’ve come across in a while.  These pages are filled with so much hilarious satire, even if you don’t agree with the lifestyle you will probably be caught wanting to keep turning the pages.

The lifestyle these Beetches describe are the inner workings of incredibly ridiculous girls.   My favorite section, Vacations and Summers: It’s a Hard-Knock Life – “when a girl accumulates too many hangover regrets to cope with and finds herself overwhelmed, this is the perfect excuse for a vacation, to relax, and clear out their heads.”  Touché – the struggle is real – ergo, my most recent vacation/adventure I utilized in order to “clear my mind”.

The book goes on and describes many subtle quirks of all us ridiculous 90’s gals out there that have awesome times, drinking awesome shooters, and just soak up each other’s awesome-ness.  The authors illuminate this state of mind with such hilarious fine point detail and I found myself identifying with 98% of the mad shit they go through as exactly similar things I’ve pulled in my lifetime, I could have been there writing this with them.

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 6.19.05 PM.