Yoga for the Soul

Over the past several years yoga took a hold on my life in many meaningful ways… I first began yoga as an activity to transition out of being an athlete but to remain pretty active (I loved the stretchy part and of course, shavasana, who doesn’t?) so it was the best lazy sport I could find to do my freshman year of college!

Little did I know, all these years later, I would still practice regularly.   Yoga is a way for me to combat stress, deal with issues without allowing them to bring me down, and remind myself to love thyself first and foremost.  I’m a sucker for getting distracted by life and often forgetting about my goals.  But when I remember to love myself, I come back to my goals.


Rachel Brathen took her sensation with yoga to the pages in Yoga Girl detailing her life and how the practice of yoga helped navigate her life’s journey.

Yoga Girl

It’s a captivating and inspiring read that touched on relatable ups and downs (for girl’s in their twenties) and offers a fresh perspective.  I admire her work and her decision to move to Costa Rica on a whim to delve into her inner journey.

I want to someday travel to Costa Rica for a retreat to practice yoga on the beach and surf. Until then I’ll take all my moments in California for what they’re worth!

Christie and I, headstands.