My main pursuit is the law.  I hope to one day become an attorney, and create a meaningful practice in my local community.  I currently work full time as a legal assistant and take night classes for a paralegal certificate.

A bit more about me personally, is that throughout my early to mid twenties, I struggled quite a bit with depression and low self esteem.  I turned to things that did not serve me and subsequently neglected the things in life that brought me joy.  It took several tough years during my twenties to get through that.  I know many people struggle with similar obstacles so I share that I’ve experienced those challenges as another part of who I am.

Through that, I found fitness as a tool to help me get back in touch with myself. Everyday I choose fitness, I choose to be true to myself and work towards my goals, both long term ones and short term ones.  I believe in keeping my body, mind, and spirit healthy… however I’m not perfect, and I struggle still. I write about my journey, filled with flaws and achievements, to find fitness and confidence.

I’ve also found that travel works as a natural stress reducer. It gives us a new perspective on life, and provides a meaningful experience that gives back so much into our daily lives.  One thing that is challenging about travel is affordability.  I write for the everyday gal/guy living in a high cost of living location to make their travel dreams come true.



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