Success of building a Habit

Science shares with us that it takes approximately 66 days to build a habit. I’m going to challenge myself as of February 1-April 6 I will take on a new diet and workout regime.

This new diet consists of: no Mac and cheese, salads when I want a burger or sandwich, and smaller portion sizes. I will also only consume small portions of alcohol at specific social events such as birthdays, weddings, etc. in the first 66 days I only have three of these such events.

The workouts will consist of 3-5x per week 45 minutes of bootcamp or weightlifting, one yoga class a week, and when I hit 170lbs in weight I will join a ballet studio again (my passion and love that I have been estranged from for several years).

It will take a lot of tough discipline in these first 66 days to adopt this new lifestyle but I am committed to completely making these changes. I love my body and most of all I love myself.