Personal Ultimate

I started to get myself back on the health kick train this year… It’s been some time since I’ve been comfortable in my skin, loving my body completely – so I felt it was time for a change – and to document this change. This won’t be some basic health/fitness evolution where I show you how my body is just changing, but I will also do my best to describe how my mindset evolves with it.
That is half the battle of changing your lifestyle – to change your train of thought. No matter how hard we try and hope that, maybe tomorrow I’ll be ready for this, it’s a gradual and uphill process. I’ve been one that’s really set some obstacles in the way of my own process of transformation – caving into eating out with friends too often, enjoying wine too often or enjoying the casual slice of cake at work for someone’s birthday. It’s hard, because I want to find my balance where I’m enjoying life still in these moments, but also, that I have the body I’m comfortable in once again.

I’m currently at a weight twenty pounds over my usual heaviest version of myself. That rings in at a total forty pounds over my normal weight. I’m not climbing Mount Everest here but it sure sometimes seems like it because of the bad habits I’ve developed in the past year-year and a half. My main objective is to replace those bad habits with better habits, but first I have to change my thinking in order to change behavior. I must accept the body I’m in and still love myself with all my extra pounds.

My ultimate goal with mindset and behavior change, would then to fully incorporate a new and improved lifestyle – one which embodies healthy living. To me this means, enjoying each moment with confidence and without guilt.

So here I am, without any guilt, my “before” photos.  Weight: 188lbs. Forty pounds over my normal weight.