Work is success, success is work

I recently read the Man Repeller’s article, Round Table: How do you define success and wanted to chime in on the conversation about how one define’s success.

It seemed in my early twenties that around almost every corner, people I knew grappled with their own variations in concepts of what defines their work and success. Obviously, from industry to industry, the form of success looks vastly different.  In some industries you will not be successful if you do not catch on at lightening rapid speed, and some, you can be successful by doing literally mindless work.

In my early twenties, I had no idea what I wanted to do, what industry I wanted to be in, etc.  It made meeting any expectations or demands in the workplace something quite challenging, actually.  I was reluctant about following my Dad’s footsteps into the law, simply because I was following in his footsteps, and I could not define my own idea of success.  I looked to a lot of other people.  My brother, my uncle, my peers… what do they do that makes them successful? Is that a concept I should adopt?

Alas I have carved out a solid idea on my own, which I’m happy to share now… since I still live so close to home, spending time with my family and childhood friends is a big priority for me.  They know me the best, they’ve seen the obstacles I faced, and the challenges I went through… they never doubted me.  My profession.  When I accepted that I want nothing more than to be in a position where I am an asset to my community and family, in a way that serves and preserves an individual’s integrity, I knew the law was the only path for me.

My greatest dreams are that one day I have the luxury to travel and spend time with loved ones near and far.  Own a vacation home in a wonderful location, where the sole purpose of owning it is purely to bring people together to celebrate. As for my most ambitious hobby, I am hopeful to be able to have a home with a few horses.


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