Living the Dream in San Francisco

Well, I took a plunge, I moved most of my life out of my apartment in the Haight, and into my car.

Go with me here, I really did this so I could crystalize some new dreams… build an against the odds sort of mentality that I will find, that sweet apartment just for me.

Yeah, I know, really odd that I moved some of my belongings into my car to gain this mentality – yes – but in fact, I’m actually kind of just going between my parent’s homes in San Jose and my apartment/family’s home in San Francisco to juggle my two part-time jobs for the summer.

So not technically, “homeless”…but basically.

Let’s say, I’ll be “backpacking” of sorts (with my car as my backpack), not physically carrying around a huge backpack, where I pull out a little bit of resources when I “set up camp”… but my resources will be stored in my car, and I will bring out my Burton tote with my work supplies, toiletries, and outfit for the next work day when I go to a house to crash.  So kinda similar? Maybe not… but during this summer while I juggle the two jobs, I’ll spend plenty of time with my family and friends around the Bay Area – yay!!

So as I find a new approach to combat the housing crisis, in my hunt for a new ideal living space, I’ll smell the roses and catch up with some good ol’ friends and the fam bam.

Goodbye beautiful, adorable, cute, little apartment in the Haight! My inner hippie/wish I was alive in the 60’s/thrift store&shopping addict will deeply miss you.

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TopShelf Style in the Cloud

This week The Wall Street Journal is currently giving recognition to those small businesses using cloud based technology softwares.  My love/obsession for fashion has translated into work with TopShelf Style, an urban edgy look meets trendy boho styles, with local San Francisco vintage jewelry.

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 12.37.35 PM

Christina Battle, the owner, hand picks the pieces, buying only small quantities of each look from a variety of vendors throughout Los Angeles.  This kind of styling is a rarity to San Francisco’s fashion boutiques.  Many boutiques purchase styles in large quantities, or styles from many different vendors, it takes work from a sales associate or customer to hand pick a certain look.  Here, all the items are pulled together to mix and match and create that urban edgy trend, with those occasional boho festival moments throughout the year.

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 12.34.03 PM

The Wall Street Journal gave a shout out to TopShelf Style utilizing the cloud to run the business.  The Wall Street Journal cites that an increasing number of small businesses are moving towards the cloud to store their data, but still many are hesitant of the technology work because there is a lack in dedicated technology team members within various small businesses.


Luckily, we are not one of those businesses.  We rock in terms of utilizing the cloud.  Currently focused on expanding TopShelf’s online store this year, and insta sales via TopShelf Style’s Instagram to hit the “On Demand” market of this generation’s fashion culture.

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Check out The Wall Street Journal article.

TopShelf Style