Family Matters

Over the twenty five years of my life there is one thing I have been able to consistently depend on; and that is that step by step, no matter what, my siblings and my cousins have been there.  I believe that the best part of life is the consistency in which one receives love and admiration from those closest to them… that your life, as cliche as this sounds, can bring inspiration and happiness to those around you, and you witness this unfold.

The bunch of weirdos I call my best friends and family – do just that.

My big brother and cousins <3

My big brother and cousins ❤

Time flies, and we’re all growing up in our own directions and manage to spend a great deal of time with one another.  And I mean some quality time – we chill together, travel together, work together, go to music festivals,  snowboard/cycle together, drink together, and most importantly we all share common goals and dreams together.


My little sister, big bro bro, & I in Hong Kong; Russian vodka bar…mmm


I kill it with these kids around me (which I’m sure we will always act like a bunch of kids when we get together) – & they are my team. I attribute aspects of my whimsical and carefree personality are largely shaped by the influence from my family.


My cousin Hannah – mini me #majorweirdo


I know life is short, don’t sweat the small stuff, laugh at everything, make it all matter, and be kind… I def wouldn’t be the thoughtful and kind person I am today without these many kids to grow up with and figure out how to be that way.  They keep me grounded, push me, and support me,


Cassie… the one I can tell everything to.



Connor and I at Outside Lands 2014 – we go on some wild adventures ❤


And after this holiday season I reflected how rich I really am – love.


Lovely sisters loving cousins


With this blog I just write to thank my greatest sources of inspiration, admiration, and drive – the lovely Bray/Mazolewski bunch.

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