“Nice is Just a Place in France”

While taking a few sick days with my good ol pal, Biggie Smalls (literally, my black lab/pit bull’s name is Biggie Smalls) I read a book I stumbled across surfing some fashion sites.  “Nice is Just a Place in France”, written by The Beetches, from ShopBeetches.com offered a quick and easy read that was seriously one of the most enjoyable I’ve come across in a while.  These pages are filled with so much hilarious satire, even if you don’t agree with the lifestyle you will probably be caught wanting to keep turning the pages.

The lifestyle these Beetches describe are the inner workings of incredibly ridiculous girls.   My favorite section, Vacations and Summers: It’s a Hard-Knock Life – “when a girl accumulates too many hangover regrets to cope with and finds herself overwhelmed, this is the perfect excuse for a vacation, to relax, and clear out their heads.”  Touché – the struggle is real – ergo, my most recent vacation/adventure I utilized in order to “clear my mind”.

The book goes on and describes many subtle quirks of all us ridiculous 90’s gals out there that have awesome times, drinking awesome shooters, and just soak up each other’s awesome-ness.  The authors illuminate this state of mind with such hilarious fine point detail and I found myself identifying with 98% of the mad shit they go through as exactly similar things I’ve pulled in my lifetime, I could have been there writing this with them.

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